Wizarding Week: COS-City of Secrets, Part 2

COS: City of Secrets, Part 2

  • Explore London
    • King’s Cross Station
    • Piccadilly Circus
    • ZSL London Zoo’s Reptile House
  • Drive 2 hours to Leicester

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Day Three

  • Drive from your hotel to the King’s Cross Car Park. It will cost approximately £20 to park.
  • Walk from the Car Park to London’s King’s Cross Station.
      Almost Made It..

    • First, head to the building that houses platforms 9 and 10. A wall sign has been made to show Platform 9 ¾ with a trolley cart attached to look as if it is headed into the wall.
    • Then, head over to platforms 4 and 5. This area is where the 9 ¾ scene was filmed, though a brick façade was placed over the original wall and the platforms renumbered.
    • JK Rowling has admitted she was confused when imagining Platform 9 ¾ at King’s Cross Station and the movie producers made necessary changes.
  • Take the Blue/Piccadilly Line to Piccadilly Circus Tube Station.

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    • Exit the station and head to the Piccadilly shops in Piccadilly Circus.
    • This area is where the café attack scene in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was filmed. Originally set on Tottenham Court Road, the producers decided to have the trio apparate to this location to have a more scenic background.
  • Take the Blue/Piccadilly Line back to Leicester Square Station.
  • Transfer to the Black/Northern line to the Camden Town Station.
  • Walk 20 minutes to the ZSL London Zoo in Regent’s Park.
  • Image source: furyksx

    • Head to the Reptile House here and look for the black mamba. Though Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone used a Burmese Python, this is the site of where Harry’s cousin Dudley falls into the snake enclosure and Harry first speaks Parseltongue.
    • Take most of the day to explore the zoo and relax.
  • Walk back to the Camden Town Station and take the Black/Northern line to the King’s Cross/St. Pancreas tube station.
  • Walk back to your car and drive 2 hours north to the town of Leicester. Stay here for the night.

Check back later today for London travel tips and day 4 of your road trip.

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