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As a travel lover, I frequent regularly. Today, like many others, I received an invite to their new sister site, SniqueAway.

The official company background says:

“A brand-new private sale travel experience, we offer our members top brands and A-List accommodations at surprisingly affordable prices. There is no cost to join SniqueAway, but an invitation is required. By limiting membership, we’re able to bring you exclusive rates on the world’s top hotels. Our limited-time-only sales showcase the sleek, chic, and always unique.”

Sounds kind of cool, right? What really jumped out at me was how it works with the TripAdvisor family. SniqueAway only offers bookings in 4-or-5-star hotels with the top reviews on TripAdvisor. Sales last for up to 7 days, unless they sell out first. Then, if you recruit your friends to join the site, you get a $25 credit just for them signing up. If you want to join through me (and it will pass a credit onto me as well, full disclosure) you can do it by clicking this link.

Want to know what kind of hotels you’ll be getting deals on? Today’s deals include:

  • The AVIA Savannah in Savannah, Georgia, rated #2 on TripAdvisor for Atlanta hotels. A king room or a classic queen, normally $169, start at just $109 a night. The one-bedroom suite is usually $229 but on SniqueAway it starts at $139.
  • The Galley Bay Resort Antigua in St. John’s, Antigua, the #1 resort in the city. It’s also all-inclusive. The deals here aren’t just limited to the cheapest rooms on-site, they actually are the two most expensive rooms usually. The deluxe beachfront property usually runs $965 but you can get it for as low as $409. The premium beachfront suite runs $1045 but it can be as low as $509 a night.
  • The Black Bay Hotel in Boston, Massachusetts is #5 in the city. The Superior Room and Deluxe Room usually run $235 and $260 a night but now run from $149 or $159 respectively.
  • The Hotel Kara Hulanda Spa & Casino in Willemstad, Curacao is #3 in the city. The Deluxe Room was $195 and the Junior Suite was $215 and each start at $99 and $109 respectively

Upcoming deals include the Dominican Republic, Florida, Jamaica and Virginia.

The site also provides helpful reminders of additional fees and hotel requirements right on the deal page so you don’t end up booking a hotel with mandatory valet parking or one that is kid-free without knowing it first. It also has TripAdvisor reviews built right into the deal pages as well as nearby entertainment suggestions and airfare and car rental information. I love the page’s tabbed browsing system as it keeps the page full of information yet clutter-free.

A preview of a deal page for SniqueAway

You might be trying to figure out the catch here. Well, rooms aren’t available to be booked for long so you can’t necessarily save up for months in advance. You also may not see a specific resort you want, so you’ll want to be flexible about where you want to stay in a city. The site also limits what days you can use your vacation, but it includes the restrictions before you can book the trip in calendar view like so:

A booking calendar with restrictions marked


  • Ease of use is great
  • Actual bargains and not just on the “cheap” rooms
  • Just the 4 and 5 star resorts with the best TripAdvisor ratings
  • You get credits for inviting your friends
  • Great advice for trip planning right on the site


  • Booking dates may be limited
  • You need to book fast
  • Members only
  • Prices are just “starting” prices so the deal may save you less during busy periods

So again, you can join the site by clicking here (I do get a referral credit) or by emailing me at [email protected] I did not receive any referral fees for posting this and I was not encouraged to do it by anyone from the TripAdvisor or SniqueAway companies. This is simply a site I was invited to join and fell in love with. I hope you will too.

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