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While Oprah’s favorite things might be a touch more popular than my own, I do want to tip you off to some amazing travel items that I just love. Some are a bit unconventional but they should all help you when you’re traveling around the globe.

Today’s item comes to us from Lush. I’m not sure if any of you are as familiar with Lush as I am but the company’s goals are to provide inventive new household products with the least amount of mark on the Earth and with no animal testing. Many products are vegan friendly and are as natural as can be. Today’s product that is a must for traveling is their A Ring of Roses.

Lush's A Ring of Roses, Photo Credit: Lush

This product technically falls under the classification of a soap but in its former life it was known as a buttercream. Basically, it has all the base of a soap but with the moisturizing effects of a lotion. Lush describes buttercreams as “20% soap to clean your body and 80% butters, oils, infusions and other fabulous things.” What they don’t mention is why a buttercream is so perfect for traveling. Some of the “other fabulous things” for A Ring of Roses include rose petals, sweet orange oil, rose absolute, evening primrose oil, lemon oil and cocoa butter.

For one, a buttercream is solid enough to go through airport security. For another, bringing a Lush buttercream on a trip ensures you already have body soap and hand soap with you and it doubles so you don’t need additional lotions and moisturizers beyond one for your face. Why do I really love Lush’s A Ring of Roses? It works perfectly as a shaving cream! You don’t need to bring yet another bottle with you, it’s all compact and perfect for you and you can take a faster shower meaning more time to do the things you love on vacation.

Lush’s A Ring of Roses retails for $9.25 for 3.5 oz. You can buy online or at a store in your area. You can also buy a buttercream in the Lemslip scent and style. You can also buy the A Ring of Roses in the Lush Gift Box, Serenity.

Special Savings offer! Through today, use the code BLKFRI10 at the checkout to receive additional savings. Terms and conditions here. Basic savings info:

  • Get free ground shipping + a $10 E-Gift Card when you spend $100
  • Get free 2 Day Shipping + a $10 E-Gift Card when you spend $120 or more
  • Get free 2 Day Shipping + a $10 E-Gift Card + a Limited Edition Perfume when you spend $150 or more

If you are looking to spend $100 or more and are unsure of any products, feel free to leave a comment. Disclaimer: I do not work for or with Lush, I just love the products. Reviews are my own opinions, but I have spent way too much of my money at Lush over the last few years so I can offer my opinion on a large number of items.

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