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Continuing my Favorite Things Week, today’s item is Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3. It’s not your traditional travel supply but I love it for what it does after vacation. This is my #1 item for post-processing of my vacation photos. Even I, someone who is Adobe-illiterate, can figure out this software.

A photo I took of the Tower of Terror at Disney World, before and after using Lightroom

Lightroom works to edit your photos without necessarily altering your originals and it works as a workflow organizer. You can use this to tag and organize your photo collection, set up pre-set corrections for your photos and it’s fully integrated with Adobe Photoshop if you want to use advanced functionality. If you use a DSLR camera with lenses and need some lens correction software, many lens profiles are already installed in this software and you can edit your own lens profiles. If you’re doing simpler settings for your photos, you can easily identify how to rotate and align images. If you need to adjust an image to fit the Rule of Thirds, this is the easiest tool to do it with.

My favorite feature for Lightroom has to be the pre-sets. If you find yourself making frequent changes using the same colors or changes, you can design a pre-set that allows you to make changes with the click of a button instead of tiny frequent changes. Even better, you can download some or buy your own.

A photo I took in Downtown Disney, before and after Lightroom

If you use the code SAVE2010 by the end of today, you get Lightroom for $100 off its regular $299 price tag.

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