Take 10 Tuesday: Foodie Towns

Introducing Take 10 Tuesdays! Each Tuesday, look forward to a top 10 list featuring something travel related. We’ll give you a chance to get a quick look at a variety of places and then you can come back next week and learn about 10 new ones. Hope you’ll check it out each week!

This week’s list looks at the Top 10 Towns for Foodies, as compiled by Cheapflights.com.

paella galore

10. Barcelona, Spain

Think paella, eggs, potato and ham. Drop by La Rambla and people watch or stop by La Barceloneta for seafood. Or, wander through La Boqueria, the largest open-air market in the city, known for its fresh fruit and tapas.

9. Tunis, Tunisia

There’s a legend that the spicier a wife prepares a dish for her husband, the more she loves him. This area merges Mediterranean with desert cuisine so food is filled with the flavors of olive oil, spices, tomatoes, seafood and lamb.

8. San Francisco, California, United States

This city has chocolate (Ghirardelli Square, I’ll wait while you get the pun), Chinatown and in North Beach there’s Little Italy. What more could a girl want?

7. Palermo, Sicily, Italy

Grapes, anchovies, sea salt and  Pipittuni (a citrus fruit) might sound frightening together, but when you come to Palermo they do the food right. Street markets are filled with almonds, pane panelle, crocches and Scaccio. You’ll have to try it to know what it all is but you’ll be glad you do.

6. Paris, France

It’s Paris so you know to expect bread, cheese and good wine. But don’t forget to try some delectable delights, like lamb shoulder and duck liver. Head to the 8th Arrondissement for its top restaurants in a variety of cuisines.

Sashimi Plate

5. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo offers fresh fish, tofu, handmade noodles not to mention sashimi, sushi and tempura. Don’t miss Tsukiji Market, one of the world’s largest fish markets, with over 3,000 tons of fish. Then, head to the Roppongi neighborhood to combine food with nightlife.

4. Athens, Greece

Feta, olives, moussaka, stuffed grape leaves and lamb. Hungry yet? Don’t forget to try some fresh seafood straight from the harbor, like Aegean oysters. Greek food won’t let you leave the table hungry.

3. Istanbul, Turkey

Head straight for one of the Beyoglu district’s mayhanes (a traditional Turkish tavern with food, drink and music). You’ll find meze, grilled fish and lamb along with old world ways of cooking seafood.

2. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Vancouver boasts the third largest Chinatown in North America and the roads may just be lined with pork buns and dim sum.  throughout the neighborhood’s streets. Meanwhile Yaletown is filled with seafood and wine restaurants.

Norwegian Smoked Salmon and Caviar Cream Cheese on a Plain Bagel

1. New York City, New York, United States

New York City has always represented the melting pot of America and that’s even more true for the food here. There’s pizza, Italian, Chinese, celebrity chefs and markets everywhere, even cupcakes and street carts. With food on every street in the city, you’ll be lucky to escape the town without trying one of everything.

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