Planning: How to Travel With a Group

With the holidays approaching, many people are daring to travel with a group of people, whether it be friends or family. I’ve been along on a many a trip where someone always ends up screaming at another person because their plans are “ruined” (okay, so I was bitter about the shaved ice place being closed) or people give each other the silent treatment until they arrive home. How can you avoid that drama? Be prepared!

Always the Planner has a guest post by Lindsey of Airport Parking. Lindsey has written up 10 tips to survive group travel. The key is planning. My favorite tip? Schedule times for the group to break apart during the trip. I’m an introvert which means I need time alone to refuel and relax. Extroverts often need to go and do something to get that same feeling. By breaking apart, people can take a break from any conflicts, do things that others may not enjoy and be better rested for the rest of the trip.

Check out all of Lindsey’s advice over at Always the Planner for more great tips.

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