Ghost Hunt of a Lifetime

The Ghost Adventures crew is at it again. They’ve combined the most haunted hotel in America, paranormal presentations and a ghost hunt that will leave you shaking.

The Stanley Hotel

For $249 per person, you get 3 nights of activities, 2 paranormal presentations and 1 amazing ghost hunt. The event takes place March 3-6 in the iconic Stanley Hotel, the hotel that inspired author Stephen King to write The Shining. You’ll have a chance to get celebrity autographs, experience ghost technology and review the evidence with the team. You’ll also learn about ghosts, angels, UFOs and how to deal with the paranormal. You’ll want to buy a room at this hotel of horrors so the Stanley Hotel is offering room discounts to anyone participating in the weekend’s events. They’re selling fast so buy soon because they’ll be sold out before you can say “Red rum”.

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