Haunted Halloween: Bisbee, Arizona

In honor of Halloween, TripAdvisor.com established a list of the 10 best haunted tours in the United States. For the next 7 days I’ll be showing you the tours and giving you some advice on what to do in the area. Yesterday we looked into the hauntings in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Today we head to the Old West with the

Old Bisbee Ghost Tours, Bisbee, Arizona

Bisbee, Arizona is an old mining town that was once the largest town between St. Louis and San Francisco. In its glory days gold, copper, silver, lead, zinc, and turquoise were all mined at the Copper Queen Mine. With the miners came saloons and ladies of the night along with the riches and misfortunes of its residents.

The Copper Queen

Start your weekend by spending Thursday night at the Copper Queen Hotel. Every Thursday they have a ghost hunt lead by Renee of Old Bisbee Ghost Tours. She teaches guests to use EMF detectors and suggests they bring cameras and bait among other items. One of the many undead guests you encounter on your ghost tour will be an older gentleman in a cape and top hat. You’ll know he has joined your tour when the smell of cigar smoke wafts towards you. The next guest you might meet is a small boy who giggles and hides your items. He may or may not be the same apparition named Billy that appears in room 312. The final guest is the one who gets the most attention, Julia Lowell. Julia Lowell was once a “lady of the evening” at the saloons in town who fell in love with a gentleman that rejected her advances and led her to kill herself in the hotel. Today she still approaches male guests at the hotel and sometimes attempts to tickle their feet. One possible encounter with Julia was with the Ghost Hunters team, as seen in their Season 3 episode, OK Corral:

Guests can pay extra to stay in the Julia Lowell room, the same room where she took her guests back to. As part of the ghost hunt package, the Copper Queen Hotel buys you breakfast the next morning to help you regain strength.

Enjoy the Town Around the Tour

Downtown Buildings - Bisbee, AZ

During the daylight hours of the next day, head to Main Street and the surrounding area to do some shopping. After the mines of Bisbee closed, the town became known for its art and galleries and they are worth stopping in at. Of special notice is the Belleza Gallery. It is owned by the Renaissance House, a non-profit that works to help women who were addicts, prisoners, victims of domestic violence or homeless. They learn business skills and trades while creating beautiful Adirondack chairs. The artists who display their art at the gallery receive just 50% of the sale with the rest going back to the programming at the Renaissance House. The business is an outstanding display of a community coming together to support its residents.

Friday night, head to the Old Bisbee Ghost Tour. You’ll meet up with your ghost host Renee again and do a 90 minute tour of the city. Renee is a local author who has interviewed many of the witnesses so in addition to the ghosts of Bisbee, you’ll learn a lot about the history of the city and its residents. This is a hilly trip so strollers are not permitted but as a happy surprise, well-behaved dogs are permitted if they are on a leash. You’ll also want to bring along shoes, water, a camera, and a flashlight.

Cafe Roka - Flatiron Steak Salad

After your tour, you’ll want to stop in at Cafe Roka. Make sure to get a reservation as the place is in high demand, 8:45 should be the best time if you want a late dinner but if you want an earlier one, aim for a 5:15 reservation so you won’t be too full for your ghost tour. The restaurant’s claim to fame is its 4 course meals. While the menu changes seasonally, guests always find something they love between the soup, salad, and sorbet that accompany the entree. Plus, the cocktails are an overwhelming favorite.

If you still haven’t had enough spirits after all that, check out the town’s Haunted Pub Crawl if you happen to be there on the second or last Saturday of the month. Be sure to check back tomorrow for #6 on the Best Haunted Ghost Tour in the United States.

Note: for a discussion on the ethics of traveling to Arizona, please read this post and keep all discussion on the topic there. Thanks.

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