Haunted Halloween: Seattle, Washington

In honor of Halloween, TripAdvisor.com established a list of the 10 best haunted tours in the United States. For the next 4 days I’ll be showing you the tours and giving you some advice on what to do in the area. Yesterday, we went back to Arizona for the Tombstone Ghost Tour.

Today we head north to the

Market Ghost Tour in Seattle, Washington

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The Market Ghost Tour weaves its tales around Seattle’s history and the inner-workings of the Pike Place Market. For the 75 minutes you are on the tour, you’ll hear about the fire in 1889, Seattle’s underground tunnels and even haunted bathrooms. The Market Ghost Tour hosts are not actors, simply professionals interested in the history and the spirits of Seattle. Learn about the ghost of the woman who used to sing guests to sleep, just to pick their pockets, and then died in a manner unbecoming to any human. A toy store with antique toys used to sit in the marketplace and among the many happenings there were glass mugs being moved and a tea party being set up on the floor.

Another haunted spot is right at First Street and Virginia. During an influenza outbreak, the city’s first mortuary existed right off the alleyway here. Over 1500 children died here. Now tenants refuse to stay in the morgue’s former location for any period of time and when they do, hauntings occur. The tenants downstairs, Kell’s Irish Restaurant & Pub, confirm the hauntings from upstairs. They have seen a man in a suit and heard noises from above, including shattering candlesticks.

Seattle Pike Place Market At Christmas

Enjoy the Town Around the Tour

During the daytime, the Pike Place Market is home to booths for a farmer’s market, shops and restaurants. You may have seen the fish market here in scenes from televisions shows, where fish are thrown around and sit on blocks of ice. You should come here with an empty stomach because there are so many foods worth buying and trying as you walk around this multi-story complex. If the Market is overwhelming and you’re looking for a place to start, why not try a tour? The Taste Pike Place Food Tour will take you through the Market and in addition to the food tastings, the guides point out popular shops worth coming back to.

Pike Place Market

Among the many stops on your tour, you’ll experience both the Vital Tea Leaf and De Laurenti’s Specialty Food & Wine for sips of delightful drinks. You’ll also stop by a crumpet shop, the fish market and a farming co-op. One of the best stops on your tour is Pike Place Chowder. It’s the top rated restaurant in Seattle. See if you can find the best chowder from the four sample taster during your tour and then head back for an entire meal of your favorite. Tip: Get your favorite in a bread bowl.

Seattle Reflection At Sunset

Then, head back to your hotel room at Inn at the Market. They’re continuously honored by Conde Nast and Travel & Leisure. The hotel features a rooftop deck with views of the Sound and the city. Rooms feature floor to ceiling bay windows that open up the the beautiful views. This Inn is one of the top hotels in Seattle and the service is as impeccable as the views.

After your historic ghost tour, your food tour, your stops in at the shops of Pike Place Market and a trip back to your hotel, you’ll feel pampered by the warmth and treats this city has to offer. Check back tomorrow when we head south to the #3 ranked haunted ghost tour in the United States.

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